Ayesha Feisal British-Sierra Leonian, b. 1974

Painter Ayesha Feisal (b. 1974) is a British Sierra Leonian who lives and works in London. Her work uses complex, amorous forms, drawing inspiration from the study of behaviour and the mind, whilst also exploring the effects of experience. Feisal’s art is reflective of her interest in psychological states and uses the human form as a means to explore the psyche. Her works are an ongoing response to events and situations, and are influenced by her interest in consciousness, universal law, balance and truth. She is drawn to portray characters with elevated mindsets, who move beyond the impact of circumstance, environment and social condition. Her recent work explores personal transition and the philosophy of inner transformation.
Feisal’s work explores energy, vibration and emotion, and how these can be represented alongside our physical forms. The human appearance also remains a constant source of interest for her. Through it she discovers colour and form, the physical and the non-physical.