Mike Omoighe Nigerian , b. 1958

Mike Omoighe (born 1958) graduated with a degree in art from the Yaba College of Technology (1978), he received an HND from Auchi University in 1980 and Certificate in Polytechnic Management from the University of Lagos. In 1994, he got his Masters in Communication Arts from the University of Ibadan & Masters Fine Art (MFA) from the University of Benin, 2014. He received enviable mentorship by two of Nigeria’s most celebrated artists, Yusuf Grillo and Bruce Onobrakpeya. The influence of these masters is still evident in his dedication to experimentation and Nigerian political expression and sometimes through his use of colour. His pieces are often large and colourful and convey complex layered histories, meanings and explorations through abstract forms and vibrant strokes. However, some of his most interesting recent exhibitions have included stylized charcoal sketches in black and white and smaller canvas pieces.