Nwakuso Edozien Nigerian-German, b. 1996

Nwakuso Edozien is a multicultural artist who draws inspiration from various disciplines. She has a degree in Architecture from Cornell University and uses her art to represent the concept and creation of cultural identity. Owing to her architectural background, Nwakuso utilizes linework and 3D textures to enhance the depth and complexities of her work. Her art reflects her diverse upbringing and changing environments as she has lived and schooled in Nigeria, Germany, England, Wales, and the US and is of Nigerian and German heritage. Through painting, design, and sculpture, she creates multilayered artworks which pay homage to her Nigerian roots. Her work, in turn, aids her along her journey of self discovery and belonging. During her time at United World College of the Atlantic, her work was presented to HRH, Queen Elizabeth II of England. Her works have also been exhibited at the Presidential Dinner for the Creative Industry, in Lagos in 2014.