Oluwamuyiwa Logo Nigerian, b. 1990

Logo Oluwamuyiwa is a photographer and filmmaker. His approach revolves around conceptual and documentary style photography. Logo's interest in visual arts is to be a shrewd observer of the human carnival by capturing and retelling stories from perspectives that are often overlooked, ignored and taken for granted. He graduated in 2011 with a Bachelors degree in Computer and Information Science from the Lead City University, Ibadan. In 2016, Logo took part in the participatory mobile intervention for public buses in Lagos produced by British Council/Watershed UK's #PlayableCityLagos, and in 2015 he also did an experimental series titled "elephant in the room" as part intervention on the issue of Gated Communities & Public spaces workshop organized by the Goethe Institute, Manila, Philippines. Logo was selected for the Future Assembly, a London based professional development platform for artists from Africa and its diaspora and the New Dimensions Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality LAB in Cape Town, South Africa. His work has been exhibited locally and internationally .


Logo’s interest is to engage both eye and equipment to observe the unique human carnival in Lagos and the world around him by capturing people, things, and narratives that are often overlooked, ignored or taken for granted. Thus, he is interested in ephemerality and the banal in connection to the things of the “real” that leads to the creation of stories were the audience or viewers can draw personal references. Logo explores aspects of visual and digital archiving by showing and exposing the idiosyncrasies and aesthetics of the city in its true character and reflection. He is an advocate for positive and rich storytelling via the digital media as a tool for reorientation and pathways to new dialogue and knowledge acquisition.