Moufouli Bello Beninese

Moufouli Bello is a multi-media & visual artist who was born in the Republic of Benin. She has a master's degree in International Labor Law from the National School of Administration, and has professional experience in law and journalism. She is passionate about painting, drawing, photography, installations as well as animation, sound, digital art and writing. She is interested in exploring ideological structures, and how traditions, culture, politics and technology affect our emotions and perceptions of society, and our concept of unity. Her artistic practice began in 2012 with participation in the creation of the Upright Man of Benin organized by the Zinsou Foundation. In 2016, Bello was one of the laureates of the French Institute and the Cité internationale des arts in Paris. Her Papyrus project, exploring issues on identity, ethnicity and community, was the focus of her solo exhibition at the French Institute of Cotonou. In 2017, she was invited to take part in the Afrique: le Grand festin in Vienna, Austria, by Barthélémy Toguo for Bandjoun Station. Her most recent project, We should disobey, on systemic sexism, was presented as part of Amazone, in Benin.