Olumide Onadipe Nigerian, b. 1982

Olumide Onadipe is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Lagos, Nigeria. Onadipe is fascinated by textures and environmental themes, and explores the use of re-purposed plastics and paper to create mixed media sculptures, wall hangings, installations and paintings. He is a graduate of the Federal College of Education (2004) and received a Bachelor's degree from the University of Nigeria Nsukka (2008) and a Master's degree in visual arts education (2012) from the University of Lagos. His work has been exhibited at international fairs (including Saatchi START Art Fair (2018), 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair in London (2017)) and in numerous solo and goup exhibitions including Go Far at Capital Club Lagos (2019), No More Fear at Hogan Lovells in London, (2019), Connecting the Dots in Lagos (2018),and the Arthouse Open Studios exhibition (2016).


Olumide's practice is characterized by discovering and reinventing new forms of creative expression. His works are a reection of my environment. He is particularly drawn to the clash between people and commodities. The materials he explore are identiable, relatable, organic and inorganic. They include polythene bags, newspapers, jute and cement bags, electrical cables, ink, paint, wood, metal and fabric which he upcyles and give new meaning through his art. The materials used greatly depend on the ideas conceived, as he strongly believes that developing an idea as it was imagined, best conveys its physical expression. The ubiquity of these materials reects the concept of the "ordinary" Nigerian life and affords him the platform to highlight narratives that question consumerism as well as man's relationshio with his environment.