Florence Poirier-Nkpa French, b. 1972



Florence Poirier-Nkpa started out as an art teacher and taught visual arts in Cameroon and French Guyana, where she was also working as a graphics designer and illustrator. In 2010, she founded Headmade Factory, a collective aimed at promoting artists and professional artistic activities beyond the island. She currently works fulltime

as an artist. 

Her artistic practice consists of articulating three representations of a person’s existence around self-portraits that she conceives as her own avatars. She reinvents herself using fantasies she has created of other people, based on their differences or similarities to her. Through multiple layers and encounters, the aesthetic of the transformation becomes a tool to construct oneself through the image of the other. She layers facets so that the figure recovers its physical consistency by adding folkloric patterns that allow one to recognize signs connected to specific cultures that she encountered during her journey.