Alexander Ikhide Nigerian, b. 1993

Alexander Ikhide is a multidisciplinary artist born in Lagos in 1993. He currently works and resides in East London. He works across photography, collage (analogue/digital), painting and drawing, exploring ideas of the body as well as a merging of photography and painting to produce mixed media works on paper. Through a method of gestural abstraction and mark making with paint, reminiscent of abstract expressionism. The tensions that arise between photography and painting as both distinct forms of representation in art become blurred and indistinguishable. By disrupting an expectant representation of the figurative in his work, and instead opting for a more investigative narrative into an interiority that is fundamentally human and of shared experience, tapping into the subconscious and conscious drives that are both visceral and intuitive in nature to explore new forms and approaches to image making.