Cameron Ugbodu Nigerian - Austrian, b. 2000

Cameron Ugbodu is an Nigerian-Austrian artist born in Mautern an der Donau, Austria in 2000. Ugbodu is a queer artist and member of the Black Photographers Network, a UK wide group of contemporary Black practitioners of lens based fine art. After leaving his home town at the age of 17 to move to Vienna he eventually made the permanent move to London in 2019. For the first time, he witnessed how Black culture was accepted and celebrated in such a way that he had never witnessed, growing up in a predominantly White town as one of the few Black people. He spent his formative years creating as a coping mechanism, manufacturing the world around him as a form of escapism. Ugbodu’s work explores the concept of community and belonging while drawing and looking back into his Nigerian heritage and ancestry.
Ugbodu’s work has previously appeared in Vogue Italy, REVS mag, musè mag, GUAP
magazine & Blaxe mag. Previous group shows and public engagement include Museum of London & University of Applied Arts Vienna & Cubitt Artists London. Through his work, Ugbodu wants Black people to feel seen and celebrated in his art. He plays around with different themes which sometimes reoccur, echoing the cyclical nature of everyday life. He explores the different elements of queerness, masculinity, feminity and beauty.