Amanda Iheme Nigerian

Amanda Iheme is an architecture photographer and psychotherapist living and working in Lagos, Nigeria. She studied at the University of Cape Coast for a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and received a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology from Swansea University. She currently runs her private practice called Ndidi while working as an artist. Her works, exhibited at Art X Lagos 2019 and Lagos Photo 2018, explore themes of history, truth, emotion and spirituality in relation to buildings and spaces.


Through the stories and images of selected buildings in Lagos built between the 1800s and 2010s, this body of work shows that all things created: spaces, people, animals, objects experience the same journey through life. We all have the same story. We are born. While we live, we will experience many transitions from childhood to adulthood. We will sometimes be stagnant and that calls for the process of redefining ourselves. We have the capacity to heal and restore whatever back to life and as we are energy and energy can never be destroyed, we reincarnate. For those we leave behind when we leave this physical plane, they find a way to carry on by preserving the memories of us.