Uchay Joel Chima Nigerian, b. 1971

Uchay Joel Chima (born 1971) graduated from the Art School of the Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu, and has exhibited his work in Nigeria, South Africa and Canada and the USA. In 2009 he received the award for best video art project from the Center for Contemporary Art, in Lagos.

He has created many avant garde works through media such as; performance art videos and two dimensional sculptures made from found objects.

He is very interested in social and environmental issues and his work centers on that theme. In 2013, in response to criticism that his focus on the avant-garde suggested that he could not draw he began to launch a dazzling series of abstract conceptual works and inventive drawings made from wire and string. The works are rooted in his mixed media fascination but also demonstrate his immense skill in the creation of figures and bodily forms.