Dis Lagos Life

24 February - 31 May 2020

Dis Lagos Life is an exhibition of photographs and digital collage exposing the pulsating heartbeat of an unforgiving megacity through the lens of six contemporary artists, who have lived, breathed, and found meaning by exploring the complex, multi-layered history, memory, identity, rhythm, color and vibe of Lagos, from the inside out. It gives us an insiders' perspective, through the bold images of talented photographers, intent on interrogating, informing, and advocating for the greater good of this fascinating megacity.

“There is something about this city with its vivaciousness, and clutter, and hardcore exterior that begs to be stripped bare. To be captured. To be remembered. With its yellow buses, and bridges, and waterscapes, and open markets, the city is alive. A constant buzz that conceals itself within the menacing grin of hustlers and the glumness of commuters too long in the heat and unending traffic, Lagos is pulsating with hope. This is why we stay here. It is why we return. This madness belongs to us all.”

Kovie Parker