The summer art salon

18 July - 4 September 2015

Adeyinka Akingbade skillfully uses paper waste to create 36 rich, multi-textured works, which focus predominantly on portraiture and abstract landscapes. His first solo exhibition of mixed media works on paper, canvas and board, reflects the dexterity of an artist who expresses the tenacity of life and relationships by using perforated rubber sheets and tiny paper punched holes to show that Africans need the same tenacity and toughness to survive, as the materials he manipulates.

Akingbade’s stark simple silhouettes off-set against highly textured white and dark backgrounds portray a fresh and unusual take on “recycling & art”. His world of design overlaps seamlessly with his classical training in painting as his skillful and fascinating use of paper, glue, acrylic, is combined with found objects such as the colorful straps of cheap roadside rubber slippers, which lend a playful attitude, emotion, and personality to his portraits.

Besides these eclectic mixed media works, Akingbade also reveals expertise in print techniques by presenting abstract monoprints with dashes of color that look almost like Asian symbols.