ART X Lagos 2020

2 - 9 December 2020

SMO Contemporary Art presents Meet My Eyes at the 2020 edition of ART X Lagos, a body of work which speaks to the soul of the human experience, the act of looking, of being seen, of pride and defiance, of claiming ones’ space and having a steady gaze, which comes from self love and celebrating our intrinsic socio-cultural contributions, of seeing the other while celebrating the self.

Meet My Eyes showcases the paintings, photographs, and tapestries of Angele Estoudi Esamba, Olumide Onadipe and Moufouli Bello, three artists born in West Africa, whose works elevate a new Black consciousness which de-constructs mental and physical boundaries, at a time in global history where political pressures and the corona pandemic compounding economic challenges, have made us question societal constructs, behind the façade of our new masked realities. These works resonate a crucial reawakening of our youth demanding space to be seen and heard. They create artistic portraits which defy the stereotype and beckon the viewer to look deeper, and meet our eyes, and recognize the power within.