24 March - 30 April 2014

Affinity is an impressive exhibition of sculptures by Kehinde Ken Adewuyi and watercolors by Chinwe Uwatse. The exhibition is being presented by two Nigerian artists who both have a deep commitment to drawing attention to the struggles and questions of human existence through their art.

Both artists were born at the beginning of Nigeria’s independence movement (1959 and 1960 respectively), and have over 20 years of artistic practice, drawn from rich cultural traditions that make their inspiration rooted in African history and identity. Uwatse creates small delicate watercolors and ink drawings which have a light, almost translucent quality, rich in symbol and layered in soft hues and meaning. She is best known for focusing on the female ethos with a unique style that draws on the asymmetrical, two-dimensional culture of traditional Igbo female body adornment called uli. She uses uli inspired colors, patterns and symbols to comment on the pressures and joys of universal womanhood.

Adewuyi employs methods of exaggeration and elongation of the human figure to best portray and express his inner feelings about the subjects he sees in his environment. He grapples with complex philosophical and existential questions reflected in his bold, heavy sculptures.

Uwatse’s intricate small works and Adewuyi’s bold and massive sculptures equally express a deep affinity to the worlds’ suffering masses. Their works complement each other, and show a unique African worldview that is both traditional and also very contemporary, realistic and also hopeful.