29 May - 31 August 2014

Unfurling is a unique exhibition of photographs and poems by Sandra and Amara Obiago, a mother-daughter artistic journey. The exhibition is made up of a diverse body of images presented on large canvases and aluminum dibond plates, depicting expressions, patterns and textures in landscape, nature, cloth, as well as light filled architectural spaces.

In their photographic debut, both artists feature poetry alongside their work, which touches on self-discovery, inquiry and adventure. They illustrate global themes of humanity’s search for meaning through space, light, natural and man-made patterns, illustrating various states of Unfurling, a visual and philosophical “opening and release”. Unfurling is an expression of both artists’ exploration of how thought, memory and meaning can be reflected through everyday objects within everyone’s reach – a piece of cloth, a solitary corridor, a child’s laugh, or a curled up leaf. It is an attempt by both to reflect on the ebb and flow of life from different generational vantage points, always seeking artistic truth.

Obiagos’ poetry touches on everyday challenges and the desire to find truth. The poems are a social commentary on life in an African mega-city, as well as focus on a personal path to self-discovery, and are juxtaposed alongside photographs, which visually strengthen these musings.