Evolving Currents

17 April - 16 June 2016

Evolving Currents, a joint exhibition of recent work by leading contemporary sculptor Raqib Bashorun and fast-rising painter Chika Idu is suggestive of creative currents that continue to flow between consecutive generations of artists. This notion of interconnectedness is further accentuated by the fact that though the artists work across different media and are separated by age, Idu being considerably younger, they are brought together through several points of investigation of their intriguing art forms.

The exhibition’s strength is hinged on the juxtaposed placement of each artist’s work; the geometric and abstract forms, as well as the rigidity and hardness of Bashorun’s sculpture against the palpable impasto, delineating the more fluid figures and forms that populate Idu’s canvases. Significantly, both artists are united by each other’s interest in the texture and materiality of his chosen media.