New Threads

10 October - 17 November 2016

New Threads is an exhibition which presents recent paintings, sculptures and photographs created by seven of Ghana’s leading and emerging contemporary artists.


It is premised on a modern fabric of creativity woven within the context of an ancient loom of rich artistic ancestry, but presented in contemporary colors and expressions that address current global themes.


New Threads presents a fascination with new expressions from Ghana; moving beyond the globally recognized symbol of African beauty, diversity and resilience in the tightly woven colorful Kente cloth, into teasing out a new, bold modern ouvre that has grace, versatility, humour, and drama.


We present stunning works by the internationally celebrated sculptor and experimental artist Kofi Setordji, Kofi and Nyornuwofia Agorsor, a powerful creative couple who are both visual artists and talented musicians, Nicholas Kowalski’ whose paintings revolve around imagery of the Baobab - the African tree of life, which is an important symbol of life, power, and resilience in a northern savannah landscape, contemporary expressions through sculpture by Nana Anoff’s works created out of re-purposed, recycled metal objects and machine parts, Constance Swanicker, a sculptor and teacher who runs a flourishing Design Institute, and lastly, the poetic journey of Nii Obodai.