Mental Space

4 July - 15 September 2016

There is something so refreshingly cerebral about Duke Asidere’s work. I think in his generation of artists – he is one of the most uninhibited creative intellectuals. His works touch on so many deep issues in our society, and his subtle use of headlines tease and beckon the viewer to walk up close to read the partly submerged text, and then step back smiling, when we realize the unapologetic message of the piece. Duke Asidere’s works have always had a strong global aesthetic. What I mean is that, although his inspiration comes from life in Nigeria, his figures and forms, his doodles and detailed drawings touch on universal themes of love and greed, war and peace, trade and silent meditation, play and serious discourse. His gift of analysis and his simple, fluid and swift rendering sets him apart as an artist whose ouvre reflects the pulse of our socio-political character. I hope you enjoy Mental Space as much as I continue to enjoy watching Asidere analyze and unleash yet another unapologetic commentary on our essence, our unquenchable verve, and our resilience to keep going, despite the odds.