Heads Up, Keep Swimming

2 - 30 November 2017

Heads Up, Keep Swimming presents exciting new works by Modupeola Fadugba exploring the intricate balance between competition vis-à-vis cooperation within the stormy sea of the commercially driven global art scene. Fadugba’s intricate, partially burned drawings on paper depicting female synchronized swimmers, red balls and gold leaf high lights, speak to winning in the “game of life” while considering the importance of cooperation & communal values.

In Modupe’s world there is no shallow end. Whether one is contemplating her “Tagged” or “Synchronized Swimmers” paintings, or her “Heads or Tails” coins, we are drawn into a world of complex codes, symbols, and patterns. Just like the braided hair of her female forms, Modupe weaves a tight and precise philosophical narrative expressed through the reoccurring symbol of water, which depicts the excitement, complexity, and thrill of life as an artist.