White Ebony | Skin Deep

25 May - 19 July 2019

White Ebony, an exhibition of thought provoking photographs by social activist photographer Yetunde Ayeni-Babaeko, captures the complexity of life that Persons with Albinism (PWA) face daily. It advocates for recognition and protection of persons with albinism in commemoration of World Albinism Day.

Ayeni-Babaeko challenges preconceived notions on albinism with powerful images which reflect a Renaissance beauty through sensitive lighting, composition, and layered stylistic interpretations. White Ebony takes the viewer on an emotional journey that is filled with nuance, as well as controversial in its stark positioning and challenging suggestions. Each work reflects both internal struggles while working through layers of identity and self actualization.

Her inspiration comes from a year and a half working closely with members of The Albino Foundation of Nigeria, interpreting their reality through this powerful new body of work. As in her previous exhibitions touching on issues such as surviving breast cancer and celebrating dance, Ayeni-Babaeko's commitment to social change is manifest in her focused interaction with members of marginalized communities.