Herbert's Art & Soul: A Commemorative Exhibition

4 - 6 March 2024

This commemorative exhibition of sixteen carefully curated artworks from the Wigwe Collection, celebrates the spirit, ethos, passion, and exceptional eye of one of Africa’s most inspiring and dynamic art collectors. Each piece was close to Herbert’s heart, and many have graced the walls of his home and office for years, becoming an emotional oasis of creativity for the Wigwe family and all who were close to them.
Through these fifteen works, we celebrate Herbert, Chizoba, and Chizi, and the love they had for each other, for family, for friends, and for humanity. These paintings touch on Herbert’s passions which populated his mind and fueled his walk.
From the Wigwe family name depicted in vibrant royal blue by Victor Ehikhamenor, to Herbert and Chizoba’s love dance through life, represented by Tayo Aliki’s painting of this dynamic couple, to Ebenezer Akinola’s fine portraits of mother and son; to Victor Butler’s Family Unit reflecting the deep faith that continues to bind the Wigwe family together in spirit, these works touch on the very Art and Soul of the Wigwe Collection.

The paintings, photograph, and sculpture explore diverse themes including education and youth empowerment, health, our history and culture, leadership and the power of creativity to strengthen and grow our nation. Herbert worked tirelessly on many philanthropic projects close to his heart including the HOW Foundation and Wigwe University, CACOVID, the AFRIFF Film Festival, ArtXLagos, the ACT Foundation, the Born in Africa Festival, Accelerate TV, the Lagos City Marathon, the W Initiative, the refurbishment of the National Theatre Lagos, the Chimedie Museum in Onitsha, alongside critical health initiatives including support for prostate cancer and
diverse faith-based grassroots initiatives. These artistic interpretations by leading and emerging artists. touch on Herbert’s determination to bring sustainable development to Africa.
Chidi Kwubiri’s Harmattan painting reminds us of Herbert’s incredible energy, charisma, fearless leadership, joie-de-vivre, and commitment to creating better opportunities for generations yet unborn. May Herbert, Chizoba and Chizi’s love for life, their laughter, their friendship and their broad vision continue to inspire and comfort us; may their hard work and legacy continue to bear fruit, and encourage us all to walk with confidence to fulfill our divine destinies, and live our best lives by God’s special grace.