Eko Moves


Publisher: SMO Contemporary Art

Eko Moves captures the beauty of dance, movement, time and space within the vibrant, always thriving megacity of Lagos. This impressive body of work is a visual chronicle of a two year journey during in which Ayeni Babaeko challenged dancers of the Nigerian dance group, the Society for the Performing Arts of Nigeria (SPAN), to leave the comfort of their mirrored studios, and expertly lit stages, and dance through the markets, the bus stops, the beaches, the under-bridge-spaces, the water highways and shanty towns of Lagos for the people of Eko. What we see is “Eko”, the Yoruba name for the city of Lagos, in all its contradictions, with dancers frozen in flight against backdrops that touch on the essence and character of the people and creative spirit of this megacity. EKO MOVES showcases iconic images in a refreshing new way. Ayeni Babaeko throws a bizarre spin on typical quotidian scenes such as the famous Obalende bus stop, the bustling Balogun market or during sunset at Sandfill beach by having dancers silently pose in classical ballet attire, or whiz through the scene with Hip Hop speed. What makes Ayeni-Babaeko photographs “unusual” is that she captures both the dance and the unassuming audience gathered to watch the spectacle of performance.