Expansion of Time


Publisher: SMO Contemporary Art

Expansion of Time is a phrase which encapsulates the very essence of both artists' work. They project their creative voices by exploring different aspects of time, memory, and experience in works, which draw on a diverse and rich ethnic lineage. Their work comes from the boundless and often chaotic energy that keeps expanding against the push of modernity vis-à-vis the pull of developing world inequities.


It tells their story, from the outside looking in: two creative souls exploring, seeking, sometimes even battling, to come to terms with cultural anomalies and political incongruity – always attempting to rise above the clutter, constant hum, noise, and over-saturated “Eko-for-Show”. They invite us into a timeless space which expands beyond location and borders (both physical and psychological) in which they are able to transcend and improvise, “Levitate”, “Walk on water”, and “Feel the sun”.


Both artists' works appear to invite us on a journey through time as we draw connections between past and present, consciousness and dream like levitation. We are beckoned by Wura's colorful projections and teased through Raoul's exploration, his impulsive and improvisational strokes with paint and coffee, and sand, expressing reflexive discernment.